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Benefits of Maintaining Curb and Gutters for Your Parking Lot

Curb and gutters are a common part of road and parking lot maintenance. The term curb and gutter refers to the part of the pavement or sidewalk’s curb that attaches to the street gutter for drainage. It allows runoff and excess water to travel through the correct route and eventually empty into the sewer.

Whether for a commercial parking lot or a public sidewalk, curb and gutters help maintain the longevity of your pavement. Concrete curb and gutter systems are often a necessary part of any well-maintained parking lot. The curb acts as the concrete or stone edge of a paved street or sidewalk. Curbs have been used throughout many civilizations for structure, support, and drainage. It’s no secret that the benefits are still recognized and used in everyday construction today.

Benefits of Curb and Gutters

You have probably seen a curb and gutter set up at some point if you live in a city or even a rural area. But curbs do not only offer proper drainage to designated sewer systems and avoid flooding. They also act as strong reinforcement support to the pavement that it borders. When a curb and gutter is made for a parking lot, the curb gets poured first before the asphalt. It’s standard for cubs to be made about eight inches thick which creates a sturdy structure for whatever else will be poured along with it. 

Curbs are put along on the edges of paving because the edges are the weakest part prone to damages. A parking lot or street without a curb is prone to breaking down quickly. Cars, trucks, and weather can cause wear and tear to the edge of the lot, whereas a curb remains intact under the weight of vehicles. 

The curb and the gutter also prevent water damage. Water is one of the biggest threats to asphalt and concrete. It allowed to puddle or not drain properly, water can eventually erode at the rock materials of the concrete and asphalt. Gutters allow this runoff water to have a place to flow, channeling it away from the pavement. 

Main benefits of curb and gutters for parking lots include: 

Prevent Erosion and Flooding

As mentioned above gutters act as a drainage system to properly drain water from the roads. Runoff is the leading major cause of erosion which deteriorates the edges of parking lot property. A curb and gutter also prevents flooding from rain and weather. It allows the water to have a direct route to flow so the water doesn’t build up within the parking lot or sidewalk area.

Directs Parking

Curb and gutters also help with parking, traffic, and safety. Curbs signify the edges of parking lots and roads guiding traffic to stay within the designated driving or parking spaces. They can prevent cars from accessing private areas, set guidelines for parking lot flow of traffic, and divide necessary handicap parking spaces.

Maintain Appearance

Sometimes curb and gutter designs can be customized to give a special appearance. In general, curb and gutters complete the appearance of the paving structure. It gives the painted of polished visual around the perimeter of the sidewalk or lot. It not only protects your parking lot, but it also keeps it clean and prevents damages overall. 

Maintenance for Curb and Gutters

Like anything else that comes with parking lot maintenance and repair, curb and gutters require consistent maintenance and repair throughout the year. Cleaning, routine repairs, and proper parking lot maintenance prolong the lifespan of your entire paving structure overall.

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