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ADA Compliant Contractor

ADA Compliant Parking Lots

To have a business or property with a handicap accessible parking lot, an ADA compliance contractor can meet all of your questions and upgrade needs. The rules and regulations of ADA standards can be confusing. But if you hire an expert you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money, and confusion.

How Important Is An ADA Upgrade?

Many companies are now realizing more than ever the importance of what the Americans with Disabilities Act calls for. Applying ADA codes to all areas of your company site not only makes sure that all individuals can access it. It also ensures that you protect your business from legal or physical damages you might face if your property fails to meet ADA compliance requirements.

You may think that upgrading your property or parking lot with a professional ADA compliance contractor will be too expensive of a process. But keep in mind, cutting corners on the requirements could cost you a future lawsuit, temporary business closure, or even harm to a person in need of accessibility compliance.

Take the necessary steps early if your parking lot is outdated or non-compliant. If you need help understanding what your parking lot or property needs to maintain proper ADA legislature, contact us at South Coast Paving for expert ADA compliance contracting.par

ADA Compliant Services

  • ADA Parking Compliance
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Sidewalk & Concrete upgrades
  • Accessible Parking Lot Routes 
  • Handicap Parking Signs & Striping
  • Custom ADA Plans from Parking Lot to Property 

What Expert ADA Compliance Contractors Do:

  1. Conduct an inspection of the parking lot or property in need of ADA compliance
  2. Survey existing parking lots for all ADA upgrade requirements, including:
    – Number of parking stalls & designated handicap spaces
    – Proper signage, striping/paint markings
    – Check slope of handicap parking stall pavement and travel routes
    – Measure accessibility ramps and pathways for safety & accuracy
    – Assess if all traffic, ADA & safety signs are up to date
  3. Create an ADA compliant correction plan for all construction upgrade needs

Whether you need an updated parking lot, new ADA ramps, customized accessibility routes, or an entirely new compliant commercial parking lot, make sure to get proper advisory. 

Contact South Coast Paving Inc. to see why companies like Target, In-N-Out, and Boeing choose the best Southern California ADA compliance contractors.

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