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Huntington Beach Paving Services

Huntington Beach, CA

Known for its 9 miles of beaches and surf culture, Huntington Beach is a thriving leisure and business area. It remains one of southern California’s epicenters for vacation, entertainment, and family residence. With its wide range of visitors each year, restaurants, shops, and parking lots line the surf city in all directions. 

Parking Lot Paving

South Coast Paving has proudly been serving the Huntington Beach area for over a decade, bringing the best in class service for Parking Lot Paving. With so many brick and mortar, commercial businesses in Huntington Beach, parking lot maintenance and repairs are crucial. Keeping the parking lot well-kept and accessible means visitors can come and go easily without worry. A parking lot is the first point of contact with your establishment so upholding a good reputation is necessary, especially in busier areas.

Asphalt Contracting & Repair

The most prominent components of parking lot maintenance are asphalt and striping.

Asphalt is the most common material used among parking lots. It requires regular upgrades and repairs because although it is strong, it can start to degrade over time if neglected. This is especially true under hot sun or busy traffic areas such as Huntington Beach. Sealcoating and striping the parking lot can keep it looking fresh and new. Sealcoating also helps seal in the surface of the asphalt, preventing premature cracks, erosion, and natural wear and tear.

Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks near beaches and boardwalks are not only expected, they are necessary. Just like asphalt, concrete sidewalks require routine repairs over years of use. Concrete is strong, however it’s prone to cracks in the pavement, shifts with the earth, and sometimes flooding, especially near moist beach climates.

Maintaining the sidewalks near Huntington Beach has been an ongoing project for South Coast Paving. Keeping the pedestrian streets safe and clean is part of what keeps this area so well-renowned.

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