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South Coast Paving Inc. will diligently meet any of your paving needs. Here are some of the most common services we happily provide throughout southern California:

Parking Lot Paving

We’ll handle your project from start to finish, including excavation, base installation, asphalt paving and compaction. We’ll even remove your existing surface and recycle the material on the spot so it can be used as a new base, which saves you money.

Asphalt Paving & Repair

When asphalt is damaged, the quicker you can have it repaired, the better. Leaving damaged asphalt can worsen it over tie. Whatever asphalt repairs you need, our paving specialists can provide prompt, high-quality service at affordable prices.

Concrete Paving Projects

When you notice cracks starting to form in your concrete surface, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent more cracks from forming. At South Coast Paving Inc., we respond quickly and make sure that the repairs we make to your concrete surface are permanent.

Sidewalk Installation & Repair

Damaged or uneven sidewalks can require new complete removal and replacement of concrete. Installing a new concrete sidewalk is a common job, as it helps maintain safety and transportation of pedestrian traffoc.

Seal Coating & Striping

Seal coating can help to protect your parking lot. The seal coat acts as a barrier and protects the surface from damage caused by oil, gas and other vehicle fluids. Seal coating also helps to prevent oxidation and damage caused by weather conditions.

Curb & Gutter

Curb and gutter is the part of the sidewalk or concrete walkway that drains properly into sewers or underground drainage systems. It prevents short-term and long-term flooding & water damage. An essential part of any construction project.

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