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Concrete Sidewalk Repair

Unlike asphalt, which is prone to breakage and requires much maintenance, concrete is highly durable. In fact, it’s so durable that it is preferred in almost all construction projects in some way. But even the toughest materials can’t win against all natural forces. Concrete can deteriorate over time, requiring things like sidewalk repair, crack-filling, leveling, and total removal & replacement.

Concrete damages are most often caused by the elements. Ground movement, temperature changes, water damage, and even tree root overgrowth can shift or fully ruin the strongest concrete surfaces eventually.

Maybe you’ve been noticing unsightly damages to your sidewalk recently. How do you know what’s going on with your concrete? Do you need a repair or replacement? What are the most frequent concrete issues we can help with?

Common Sidewalk Repair Concerns

  • Sidewalk Separation (Vertical or Horizontal)
  • Cracked sidewalk
  • Holes or depressions in sidewalk
  • Deteriorating sidewalk slabs
  • Ponding or water collection
  • Tree root problems

Services to Fix Concrete Sidewalks

Remove and Replace

Sometimes a concrete sidewalk becomes neglected, resulting in major damages over time. Things like broken slabs, cracks or holes throughout the sidewalk, or tree root interruption of the concrete can make damages irreversible.

The best way to fix these drastic problems is complete removal and replacement. If a pathway is deteriorating throughout, it’s likely the sidewalk will need to be removed by a professional and replaced with new concrete.

Concrete Sidewalk Leveling

When a section of sidewalk is raised or separated by more than ½ an inch, safety hazards can occur. People can trip and become injured, equipment can malfunction during transit, and water can collect causing flooding, to name a few.

Instead of removing and replacing the entire sidewalk slab, usually we can level the concrete. Leveling is when we use special tools to move slabs back into place. We can restructure underneath the surface with leveling slurry to prevent future shifts in the sidewalk. This is a fairly quick and simple process allowing use of the sidewalk again once complete.

It’s crucial that you hire professionals with the right equipment for this type of repair in order to prevent damages to surrounding areas. Trusting an expert’s ability to get the job done right will save you any potential costs and time wasted by doing it yourself. Leveling a sidewalk takes special tools that we know how to use properly, preventing damage to your sidewalks or to you!

Crack Repairs

We all know the phrase, “don’t step on a crack, or you’ll break your momma’s back”. It’s quite common for concrete sidewalks to develop cracks. From the tiniest cracks to more dramatic concrete eyesores, many cracks can be easily repaired.

Realistically, when cracks become prominent to the point of causing risk it’s likely better to simply remove and replace it. At South Coast Paving we handle a lot of larger concrete repair projects of this nature. 

Sealing & Caulking

Sidewalk sealing and caulking not only helps cover the cracked areas, it can also help prevent water and other debris from further harming the concrete. Sealing and caulking are used for filling the expansion joints in between concrete slabs. Overall this helps maintain the appearance and function of your concrete. This is a simple job that all paving experts should already be implementing during proper installation projects with little room for failure.

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