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Sidewalk Installation

Getting a new sidewalk installed is an essential part of many commercial concrete paving projects. Sidewalk installation often takes place during new construction, ADA upgrades, or bigger sidewalk repair projects.

Installing a new or updated sidewalk is required so pedestrians have safe access through surrounding parking lot areas and around traffic. Foot traffic and handicap accessibility is what allows the public to get to and from your building. Outdoor areas such as private parks, industrial parking lots, and concrete walkways all depend on professional sidewalk installers to get the job done efficiently.

Sidewalk Installations for Repair Projects

One of the biggest reasons for new sidewalks and concrete walkways is due to a need for repair. Most often, an outdated or severely damaged sidewalk requires what we call Concrete Removal and Replacement. This is when the former damaged concrete is removed, often recycled of its material, and then replaced with new concrete. 

Replacement sidewalk installation can be made to match the existing surrounding concrete or it can be improved altogether. Replacement gives a fresh new look with stronger concrete. It’s important to hire the best concrete contractor so your replacement lasts and remains sturdy over time.

Types of Concrete Paving

South Coast Paving specializes in all types of concrete paving projects. Sidewalk contracting for commercial businesses is in high demand all throughout southern California. Some types of concrete setups include:

  • Custom Walkways
  • Curb Repair
  • Sidewalk Design
  • Concrete Sidewalk Repairs
  • Root Damage Concrete Replacement
  • Curb and Gutter Installation or Repair

Sidewalk Installation

Proper construction is required in all paving projects. Whether it is parking lot paving, building a new accessible walkway, or custom sidewalks, concrete is stronger and lasts longer than asphalt. Sidewalks are made of concrete because of this reason.

Installing a sidewalk, whether for a new project or for a replacement, requires a reliable team of experts. At South Coast Paving we’ve seen the damage that can happen when an initial sidewalk plan is carried out poorly. There are all kinds of regulations, engineering, and quality materials that must go into new sidewalks. This is why we always uphold a standard of specialty and work with our clients for the best quality of service.

Custom Walkways

Sometimes sidewalk installation requires a custom walkway. This can involve private roads or parks, the need for special handicap walkways, or other more demanding projects. For example, creating ADA acceptable pathways at larger sports arenas is a large project that demands custom walkways to, throughout, and from the parking lot. For a retirement community, custom sidewalks are also a necessity when planning out the overall paving project.

Curb Repair

If a sidewalk curb breaks or becomes a hazard to pedestrians, the concrete will need to be replaced to prevent it from further damages. It might also require painting for proper signage in some cases. Another common installation among curbs involves things like curb gutters for proper weather drainage.

Concrete Sidewalk Repairs

Perhaps your company already has the right walkways but there’s an issue with the functionality of it. Crumbling concrete, flooding, or tripping hazards can come up. This means your concrete needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Root Damage Concrete Replacement

In parking lots and sidewalks, tree roots can grow too large and cause the concrete to become unlevel. In this instance, there’s no easy fix or crack-filling that can reverse the damage. A full removal and replacement is required. 

Sidewalk Additions

It’s always possible that a commercial complex wants to expand. If a building or shopping center grows its establishment, that means its parking lot will need to grow as well. Perhaps more sidewalks need to be added. Sometimes sidewalk additions will need to become connected to existing walkways. For this exciting project, sidewalk installation is an obvious necessity. Make sure you contact the right paving company to get the job done successfully.

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