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Los Angeles Paving Services

Los Angeles, CA

The historically known “City of Angels”, LA is among the top three most populous cities in the United States. The center of arts and entertainment, Los Angeles stands as one of the country’s most prominent areas for a fast-paced lifestyle. Covering almost 470 square miles with a population of over 10 million people, Los Angeles is a melting pot of culture, business, entertainment, history, and enterprise. 

Concrete Paving & Repair in Los Angeles

Similar to NYC, many LA locals have heard Los Angeles referred to as a “concrete jungle”. With downtown LA hosting countless event centers, restaurants, businesses, and bars, the concrete surroundings get its use probably more than most other urban cities. 

South Coast Paving has been helping LA maintain sidewalks and concrete lots for over a decade. It’s important that parking lots and constructed concrete paving spaces remain well-kept to prolong both appearance and safe functionality. 

Whether it be a parking lot, sidewalk, or ADA/handicap upgrade, we specialize in keep industrial areas such as LA in the best shape possible. 

Curb & Gutter Maintenance

In urban power centers such as LA there’s a more likely chance of common pavement curb & gutter systems to break down quicker. A curb & gutter is the part of a sidewalk or parking lot that allows runoff water to drain down into the sewer. They sometimes require maintenance, cleaning and repairs, as any part of a standard asphalt or concrete project. 

Proper Paving Maintenance in LA

  • It’s smart to take necessary steps to prolong the lifespan of parking lots and sidewalks
  • Ensures access to pedestrians in busy areas
  • Proper handicap accessibility throughout parking lots and surrounding businesses
  • Maintaining asphalt parking lots can extend its life up to 10 years compared to no maintenance 
  • Sealcoating can seal the surface of the asphalt, preventing your parking lot from early damages or erosion
  • Parking Lots for large commercial venues require more maintenance and repair throughout the year in California. This ensures functionality, appearance, meeting ADA standards, and more.

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