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Curb and Gutter Services

Curb and Gutter Construction & Repair

A curb and gutter is the edge of a concrete sidewalk that opens into a drainage system. You’ve most likely seen these while walking along any city street. Curb and gutters can be installed on concrete or asphalt structures to allow runoff to collect and properly drain.

A curb and gutter’s main purpose is to prevent water or debris from setting into roadbeds or edges of the pavement. If water sits too long or runs rampantly over the pavement surface, it can wreak damage, flooding, and other types of havoc. The curb and gutter allows runoff from the street or parking lot to collect into the necessary sewers or storm drains.

Difference Between Asphalt & Concrete Curb and Gutters

When used in asphalt parking lots, a curb and gutter is installed before the asphalt, creating a strong barrier about 8 inches thick. This helps fortify the pavement being poured and makes a lasting concrete gutter. Since asphalt is weaker than concrete, a curb and gutter can help prevent early crumbling and cracking of the parking lot edges.

Every paving contractor knows that water is the main cause of natural wear and tear of asphalt surfaces overtime. Therefore, installing curb and gutters is an essential part of asphalt paving, not just concrete sidewalk paving. 

Most concrete walkways contain a curb and gutter. There are varying styles and types of gutter drains which depend on the location, grade, licensing and size of the project. 

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Benefits of Curb and Gutter Systems

There are many advantages to having proper curb and gutter installation and maintenance. It’s not only about drainage. Other benefits include: 

  • Allows successful water flow and runoff from street or parking lot edges
  • Curbs help support pavement by forming a strong boundary between sidewalk and traffic, preventing damages
  • Improves the aesthetic look of sidewalk, drawing the eye to the straight edges of the curb, parking lot, or walkway
  • Helps avoid flooding, debris buildup, and weathering 
  • Improves removal and cleaning of street buildup by pushing debris into one collection area
  • Adds protection to the property surrounding it by avoiding storm water buildup

Finding the Right Curb and Gutter Contractor

Like anything else regarding parking lot and paving, finding the contractor to get the job done right should be a top priority during construction. Installing or repairing a curb and gutter requires expert knowledge, compliant planning, and engineering– not to mention proper installation. 

Whether you’re looking for a new parking lot, private paving project, or ADA upgrade for your company, call South Coast Paving for Southern California’s #1 Paving Contractor service and expertise.

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