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The Importance of Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair

Why is Parking Lot Maintenance Essential?

Whether you have concrete or asphalt parking lots, over time your parking lot develops cracks or crumbles. These damages can be hazardous to both drivers and pedestrians. Having a smooth parking lot helps your business run smoothly and prevents future damages to people who visit your location.

For most people, the pavement is the first thing they see when they enter a commercial structure. Maintaining that pavement, therefore, is an important part of the annual upkeep of your property.

Why Keep Your Parking Lot Maintained?

Reduce Liability

If you do not want to be liable for accidents that might occur in your parking lot, then you need to maintain it well. Usually, if an accident occurs in your business parking lot due to a crack or breakage on the parking lot, you will be held liable. You might have to pay for any damages to the car and the car owner.

Pedestrian accidents are also common in poorly maintained parking lots. If, for instance, your parking lot caters to the disabled, even small cracks might be very hazardous for them.

Pass ADA Inspections

Your parking lot will only pass ADA inspection if it is well maintained! One of the considerations is that parking lots need to be marked with visible paint. Besides the markings, striping and crosswalks should be installed or painted in a way that they are highly visible.

The main factor considered when checking your parking lot for compliance is smoothness. Your lot needs to have no risky cracks or potholes. You will, therefore, need crack filling and other parking lot maintenance and repairs to keep your parking lot accessible and compliant.

Improve Curb Appeal

If you want to improve the appeal of your business complex, one way to do it is to resurface your parking lot so it looks great. The parking lot needs to be smooth and neat for your business to look inviting. This can even raise the value of your business premises.

Most business parking lots wear and tear caused by heavy traffic. With time, the cracks that develop become unsightly. This is a factor that can make it challenging for you to attract new customers or flow large crowds in and out of your parking lot safely.

Enhance Safety

Preventative maintenance enhances the safety of a parking lot. Even though you might want to avoid liability, it is still prudent to keep pedestrians and drivers safe at all times. For businesses, parking lot safety are more important as come customers will avoid your business just because the parking lot does not look safe. Potholes and cracks are a driver’s number one signs of trouble. These damages can cause flat tires or even scratch vehicles.

Poorly maintained parking lots with cracks can lead to puddles of water collecting. This occurs when the drainage is not working as it should. These puddles are not only unsightly but also slippery and hazardous to pedestrians.

Maximize Your Parking Space

One of the parking lot maintenance routines is to repaint the markings on your parking lot. If the markings on your parking lot fade, your customers may not park efficiently and this can make it crowded. Again, customers might avoid some parking lot spaces with potholes and cracks. This way, you will have a significantly smaller parking space.

You may lose business if you do not have enough parking. If, for instance, a customer wants to grab lunch at your restaurant, they might choose another place if they think that your parking lot will be crowded making it a challenge for them to find a parking space.

Do You Need Parking Lot Maintenance?

The good news is if you invest in quality asphalt and proper paving, you do not have to spend a lot of money on parking lot maintenance. You need to repair cracks and potholes, repaint the markings, and add resurface it when it is damaged.

If your parking lot needs maintenance, get it handled as soon as possible. Give us a call at South Coast Paving for professional paving and concrete services in southern California. See why Von’s, In-n-Out and other large companies choose us for their parking lot maintenance needs!

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