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When Should You Get New Parking Lot Striping?

Here at South Coast Paving Inc., you’ll notice that we always emphasize the importance of proper parking lot maintenance and safety. Appearance, functionality, and safety contribute to the reputation of a business whether you realize it or not. This includes the asphalt, sealcoating, layout, and striping, among other things. Many people know they need to clean and repair their parking lot, but every so often it also needs a new sealcoating and striping. Even if it doesn’t need a new seal coat, it may need new paint, especially if its a heavily used parking lot. But how often should you get new parking lot striping and how can you know the right way to go about it?

When To Get New Parking Lot Striping for Your Parking Lot

Part of keeping your company in the best shape possible is keeping your parking taken care of. We have seen every condition of a parking lot from the worst of the worst to the best well-kept lot all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. And as you might guess, the companies with the best-maintained parking lots receive a lot of the best business.

We usually recommend a new parking lot striping upgrade every 18 to 36 months. The timeline that’s most appropriate for your commercial lot depends on the location, traffic, size, and how ADA compliant it is.

Why Parking Lot Striping is Necessary

Having clear, bright striping in a parking lot isn’t only about appearing professional and aesthetically pleasing. It’s also an absolute necessity in order to provide handicap parking spaces, crossing, and signify designated routes to both handicapped individuals and surrounding traffic.

Example of a faded arrow that needs new parking lot striping for clarity.

Striping for New Parking Lots & Construction Projects

There are guidelines and laws that must be met when completing a new parking lot. Working with a professional paving contractor during construction is key. Parking lots require a specific number of parking stalls and markings, depending on how much space there is and where your parking lot is located. New lots also require:

  • Proper ADA handicap symbols
  • Directional arrows for traffic 
  • Curb striping
  • Fire lanes
  • No parking areas 
  • Stop bars
  • Pedestrian routes
  • Designated ADA routes
  • And more, as local regulations, state laws, and ADA standards apply.

New Parking Lot Striping for Existing Parking Lots

Even the fanciest, most industrial quality paint for striping eventually fades over time. Parking lots receive much wear and tear. Vehicle use, weather, sunlight, and other factors all cause paint lines to fade, crack, or become caked with dirt or debris over time. For this reason, most companies wanting to keep their lot’s appearance at its best usually get new parking lot striping every two years.

Private Lot Line Striping 

Private lots that are owned by a property owner also need correct striping and spacing. For example, apartment buildings, churches, parking companies, and small office lots might require different striping. Although they aren’t as large or publicly accessible compared to commercial lots, private lots still need the help of a qualified parking lot contractor.

Although the lines & numbers show some wear & tear, this lot has clear, visible striping.

Signs You Need New Parking Lot Striping

No matter when your last striping upgrade was, there are a few visible signs that could indicate you need a new pain job. The most common signs include:

  • Lines are not clearly or properly marked. If you or someone notices the lines in your parking lot aren’t up to par, or perhaps they are incorrect or poorly done– you might want to call your local paving contractor to get a new opinion.
  • Bad parking is a recurring problem in your lot. If there are constantly vehicles parked crooked, sloppy, or in a hazardous manner, it might mean your parking lines are fading or unclear. Perhaps the parking stall lines might even be crooked, spaced too close together, or in need of a redo.
  • Markings are hard to see in different weather conditions. If the asphalt is slick but the parking lot striping is dull or damaged, it could become difficult to see in various weather conditions. Heavy rain can cause a blurred illusion of missing lines. Alternatively, sometimes bright sunlight can blind out weak lines in the peak of the afternoon. 
  • Faded ADA markings. ADA lines are blue here in southern California. Sometimes if the asphalt begins to fade, the blue can be challenging to see, especially in older lots. If you notice non-handicapped people mistakenly parking in ADA stalls, you really need some new striping!

Finding a Contractor for New Parking Lot Lines

If you’re in the LA, Orange County, San Diego, or Inland Empire area, contact us at South Coast Paving to get a free estimate for new striping. See why companies like Public Storage, Target, and Vons call us for their parking lot maintenance and construction needs.

We offer the best professional paving services throughout southern California, always putting your time and budget first. Don’t attempt to do such an important job as parking lot striping for cheap– you wan to get the best quality and service for your company. Reach out with any questions or concerns you might have about your parking lot today.

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