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Seal Coating & Striping

Parking lots get a lot of wear and tear. Exposure to weather, leaking fluids from vehicles and the sheer weight of the vehicles themselves all take a toll on the asphalt surface. Fortunately, asphalt is an incredibly strong and flexible surface. It is made from a combination of sand, tar, rock and bitumen.

Asphalt Paving & Repair

South Coast Paving Inc. are a team of experienced, trusted asphalt paving specialists in Southern California. Whatever your pavement project may be—from a single driveway to a blacktop parking lot to a major roadway construction project — we’re here to accomplish the paving project on time and on budget.

Concrete Work

When it comes to parking lots, the combination of weather, vehicle fluids and the sheer weight of the vehicles can really take a toll on the paved surface. At South Coast Paving Inc., we understand the wear and tear that your parking lot goes through, and we have the skills to repair whatever the damage may be.

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